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Tucson Wedding Venues

4 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Tucson Wedding Venue

If you’re about to get married, one of the most important decisions you have to make (after choosing your partner, of course) is picking your wedding venue.

And while it might seem like there are an infinite number of choices out there, chances are you won’t find a guest ranch with natural beauty on your own. However, if you are located in Tucson, Arizona, worry no more. Tucson wedding venue is the right venue for your wedding.

What is a Wedding Venue?

Simply put, your wedding venue is the place where your wedding takes place. Some venues host both the couple’s ceremony and reception, while other to-be-weds opt for two wedding venues, one for the wedding ceremony and another spot for the reception. Wedding venues are not one-size-fits-all so it’s important to understand what type of space you need for your big day and what options are available to you for your wedding day.

Here are tips for a perfect wedding venue:

The Wedding Venue is Close Enough to Your Home

Before visiting the event venue, you should check its location on Google Maps to ensure it’s not too far away. If you don’t live in the event center, you might feel isolated if your wedding is two hours away from home.

The venue itself should be centrally located. Additionally, venues closer to home are often more cost-effective because they require less travel time and fewer accommodations for out-of-towners. In sum: Distance matters!

An outdoor wedding can be a photographer’s dream – with natural light helping to create the most spectacular photos. If your Tucson photographer has shot at your outdoor wedding previously, chances are they already know some phenomenal spots to capture your newlywed and bridal party photos. Let your photographer know in advance if there are any particular venue features that stand out—such as a knotty, oversized tree trunk, or a whimsical weeping willow—that you would love to incorporate into your shot list.


The Budget is Right

We’re all big fans of saving and not spending more than you have to, but think about how much your guests will appreciate it when they find out that you thought about their wallets. Your wedding venue should ideally be a place where you can spend between $50 and $150 per guest on catering, drinks, and everything else—and most venues will give you a range so that you can pick where within that price point your Sonoran Desert event will fall.

The Wedding Venue is Flexible

Two factors can make a venue difficult to work with: Not enough flexibility and too much lemmon wedding venues white chairs

If you’re looking for an indoor and outdoor intimate wedding location, but your venue insists on being inside, you might have to consider it. On the other hand, if your vision involves three different locations—one in each corner of your property—that’s probably a bit over-the-top and will make it hard for your coordinator to make things happen without spending half of their time just trying to track you down.

The venue is an ideal location not too far from downtown Tucson that can accommodate most details within wedding packages for your wedding day.


The People at the Wedding Venue are Passionate

How passionate are your Santa Catalina mountains potential wedding venue providers? Ask to speak with a few and see what they have to say about their work.

A good indicator of whether or not a venue is right for you is if they hire people who are genuinely excited about helping your day to be special. If employees seem indifferent or inattentive, it may be time to move on. After all, how likely is it that someone whose heart isn’t into his job will make sure everything goes smoothly on your big day? Is there an event coordinator in Tucson, AZ?


Site visits, ideally with your wedding planner in tow, are always a good idea. If you book a wedding venue site unseen you may run into surprises later that you would’ve been made aware of had you simply booked a site visit. The wedding venue you choose says a lot about your big day. A hotel ballroom might have traditional charm, but it’s not likely to create that homey feeling you’re going for.

On the other hand, an outdoor space will be significantly more affordable than a large banquet hall. So no matter what kind of wedding you’re planning, our wedding venue is stylish and perfect for your big day.