Mt lemmon Cabins

About Us

Curious to know our story? Know more about us and the Mt Lemmon Hotel

The journey for our family in Tucson began with the US Military stationing our families in Tucson. We met a little bit later at the University of Arizona in 2006.

Since that time – we have been coming up to Mt. Lemmon to go sledding on inner tubes/skiing and hiking for years. We have always had a dream to open something private, but affordable since many of the cabins on Mt. Lemmon are a little over the top for a cozy family stay. We hope that we will be a place you can take your family to and experience the mountain the way you should – in a cozy space. Mt. Lemmon Hotel is proud to open its doors to you and your family.

The journey to open Mt. Lemmon Hotel began in 2018 when we started looking at land options. Summerhaven only has about 450 acres of privately held land and of that most of it is residential with lots that are on steep slopes. Right under our nose was a lot that sat vacant since the Aspen Fire in the center of town. We worked with a local developer and bank to secure the loan we needed to begin this journey. When you visit Mt. Lemmon Hotel, you will see several large fruit trees in front of cabins 6, 7 and 8. These are the remains of an old fruit orchard that existed prior to the Aspen Fire. In early summer you can pluck fresh cherries from one of the trees and in late summer, fresh pears from another.

2020 was a challenging year to start construction. Besides finding relics of the past buried on the property including the foundation/footers of the old Aspen Lodge and a bridge, we had to evacuate due to a fire and had multiple COVID19 induced shutdowns that made construction very challenging.

Nevertheless, we continued our efforts to bring you individual cabins for rent in the heart of Summerhaven. If you are looking for conveniently located cabins in the heart of Summerhaven, with year-round access a close walk to nearby amenities – we hope to be your destination of choice while up on Mt. Lemmon.  During the winter, when many of the cabins get snowed in or are inaccessible due to not being plowed, our location off of Sabino Canyon Parkway offers a reliable location.

In the summer of 2022, right next to Mt. Lemmon Hotel several new businesses opened as well. These businesses include Mt. Lemmon Weddings, Mt. Lemmon Coffee Bean, Mt. Lemmon Scooters and Ugo’s Interiors.

Our team can generally be reached 24/7 through our messaging app at the bottom right of your screen or via text at 520-277-2478.

That is the complete story about us and how this beautiful hotel came into existence. Thank you for your support of our small business and we hope you enjoy your stay with us!