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Beautiful Fall Leaves on Mt. Lemmon

Who said you can’t get fall leaves in Arizona? Just 45 minutes from Tanque Verde and Catalina Highway in Tucson – you can experience what most of the Midwest and east coast does – fall!

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Monsoon 2022

The monsoon started early this year, although the first part didn’t have a lot of rain, over the last few weeks, it has picked up significantly and rained nearly every day with 2-3 inches of rain, multiple storms and lots of hail. As of yesterday, the summit received 22.44 inches of rain, Marshall Gulch 13.46 inches and Whitetail Camp Ground 11.93 inches this monsoon season.

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Summer at Mt. Lemmon Hotel

Happy Summer! While Tucson has been well into the 100s, Mt. Lemmon has been reliably in the 70s for highs over the last few weeks. In the last several days the mountain has received its first rain with more in the forecast. Our hope is, this will lessen the fire risk.

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