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A Guide to Dog-Friendly Trails on Mount Lemmon

A Guide to Dog-Friendly Trails on Mount Lemmon

mt lemmon rose canyon viewIf you’re looking for the perfect weekend getaway spot where you can hike with your dogs, Mt. Lemmon is the answer! We’re not only a dog-friendly community– dogs are welcome on all trails within the area. 

We’ve picked out some of the best dog-friendly trails on Mount Lemmon to share with you, including some of the most popular spots for locals as well as visitors. Please keep in mind that dogs are expected to be on-leash on these trails and that some of these spots can become high-traffic. However, they’re all beautiful trails that are great for dogs to maneuver and enjoy!

Sorted from least to most challenging, here are some great trail options to start you off:

  1. Meadow and Mount Lemmon Loop – easy 2.1-mile loop trail

This trail is popular because it is both simple and stunning! Starting with restrooms and picnic tables at the trailhead, this trail gives you the chance to explore rocky ridges and aspen trees near the summit of Mount Lemmon. You’ll have wonderful views to enjoy with your dog, with sights overlooking the Catalinas, Tucson, the Santa Ritas, and beyond. You may also see some seasonal wildflowers and experience the summit’s cooling wind. 

  1. Aspen Trail and Marshall Gulch Loop Trail – moderate 3.7-mile loop trailmt lemmon outside lake view

When you take this loop counter clockwise, you’ll experience a steady incline that leads you past many scenic overlooks of the Pusch Ridge Wilderness area. Between the trees, you’ll find several places to enjoy the expansive scenery. You may also see seasonal wildflowers, plus you and your dog can cool off by the river that runs through the shade as the trail comes to an end.

  1. Butterfly Trail – hard 6-mile out-and-back trail

This trail may be popular, but it also gives you the chance to find some solitude throughout the day! The best times to visit this trail are May through July, when you may find the seasonal wildflowers and multiple streams to explore. The initial trail is a descent, meaning your return is a more challenging uphill retreat that will help you and your dog burn off your remaining energy. 

  1. Bug Springs Trail – hard 8.8-mile out-and-back trail

This trail is best enjoyed from August through May, giving you cooler temperatures as you explore a lush forest, seasonal creeks, and stunning views of the city. You’ll find yourself heading through a secluded pine forest and crossing several creeks that may be flowing. Your dog will love exploring the seasonal wildflowers and checking out the cool rock formations! 

  1. Green Mountain Trail – hard 8.8-mile out-and-back trail

Mt Lemmon Hotel Hiking Trails

This trail mainly runs through the Bighorn Fire Scar, giving you a chance to survey the recovery of the forest and some beautiful scenery. Best enjoyed March through October, this trail can be narrow, steep, and slippery due to trees, sand, and rocks. However, if you take on the challenge, you’ll find stunning views of the backside of the mountain as a great reward for you and your dog.

We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. If you’re in need of a pet-friendly hotel for your stay on Mt. Lemmon, we’d be happy to welcome you! Mt. Lemmon Hotel offers a variety of pet-friendly cabins complete with yards for your dog to use as needed.


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